Earlier this week I received a phone call from a listener that  explained an event that was going on close by for the last 33 years. You would think that after 33 years I would have heard of something like this in our neck of the woods, boy was I in for an education. My new friend Joan Eisemann was more than happy to clue me in on the history and details of the Wyoming Women 5 Shot Rabbit Hunt.

Apparently this was started as a way to placate the women hunters who were not allowed in the Shoshoni Buck Hunt. The Shoshoni Chamber of Commerce came up with the idea of a bunny hunt to include the women of the community. Over the years it has grown and the name changed to the current moniker. Over those years it has also grown beyond the boundaries of the town and even the county and has entertained hunters from around the state and around the nation.

The rules are simple. First, gotta be a woman. Second, 18 or older. Third, license. Then off you go. The contest is set up for a 2 woman team and a judge to go into the field and get as many rabbits as you can with 5 shots per woman. The judge is along for the ride just to keep everybody honest. Hunting is only limited to the distance you can travel, hunt and then travel back in the allotted time, and the competition is fierce, Joan told us about on team that got 10 rabbits in ten shots in 3 minutes(obvious winners).

The event gets started Friday night the 11th at the Shoshoni Fire Hall with registration, a calcutta, live and silent auctions, raffles, a live band and more. Saturday starts with a check-in breakfast, hunting and then the awards dinner to follow, also at the fire hall. There is even a Sunday event to introduce 12-18 year old girls to hunting.

For more information you can visit the 5 Shot Facebook page or by calling Joan at (307) 850-8242.