As we look toward the upcoming winter season, there is a lot of speculation about temperatures and snowfall after a drought filled spring and summer. For those looking for some moisture there is some reason to be optimistic about the upcoming winter. The presence of El Niño or La Niña – and their strength – is used to project how active the winter season is going to be. Long-Range meteorologists are projecting a weak to moderate El Niño by the fall.

An El Niño pattern is classified by above-normal water temperatures in the central and equatorial Pacific Ocean. Warming the ocean water in turn warms the air above the Pacific, causing weather patterns to change globally.

It should be noted that no two El Niños are the same. The strength of this phenomenon can mean a great deal for winter weather.

Information supplied here came from an article By , Meteorologist for AccuWeather (Read the full story here)

The AccuWeather Full-Length Winter Forecast will be released in October.

It should also be noted that not everyone agrees that this is the forecast for the upcoming season. This graphic from the Farmers Almanac forum puts Wyoming a little warmer and dryer.

Regardless of the long range forecasts, we know that things change day to day and K2 Radio will be on top of the latest forecasts and will pass them along.