Wyoming Boulevard, also known as Outer Drive, was briefly closed and then reopen to traffic after a semi truck carrying mail blew over Thursday.  Wind knocks truck off road:

"It is a 100 percent open, however, there is a semi trailer truck on its side, and it's on the north side of the road, and it's, oh, just a couple hundred yards west of Arroyo on Wyoming Boulevard, and it's going to have to remain there until the winds calm down enough to where they can upright it and get it towed out of there."

Natrona County Emergency Management Coordinator Lt. Stewart Anderson said the truck was only partially full when a wind gust pushed it on its side.

Mail trailer a third full:

"Local Postal Service came out and we off loaded the mail so that they could take custody of it, continue it on its way. So, for the most part, it was mostly empty, which is probably why it blew over."

The rig was put back back upright and has been removed from the roadside.