Despite damp conditions this past winter and spring, officials with Natrona County Emergency Management say the county-wide wildfire danger has been steadily increasing since the beginning of summer.

Lt. Stew Anderson, the emergency manager for Natrona County, said low humidity and recent windy conditions have dried out light fuels in several portions of the county.

“Grasses and that, they’ve pretty much all dried out, and they’re much heavier this year because of the large amount of moisture we received this winter,” Anderson said. “It’s to the point to where it’s cured out, and any type of spark could have some devastating effects.”

Anderson said, so far, the wildfire season has been uneventful in the county.

“The fires have been relatively small, and firefighters have been able to get  on them rather quickly,” Anderson said. “We’ve had no large fires in Natrona County as of yet, but our season can go clear through October.”

The National Weather Service posted red flag warnings throughout Natrona County last week.

Anderson is urging caution, asking for county residents to properly dispose of smoking materials, and to keep an eye on anything that can start a fire – like cutting torches and grinders.

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