The Presidential Deficit Commission recommendations were the topic of private conversations among Governors at the Western Governor's Association meeting this week; That according to Governor Dave Freudenthal, who says he and his colleagues know they need to reduce their expectations for federal funds.

" I think the governors sat there and said, ‘Look, one of the implications of this is that a lot of things that we may have been getting federal discretionary money for we may not get.’ But nobody is adverse to that as long as it is part of an effort to actually have a positive outcome for this country and for the next generation.”

The Governor suggests we'll need to live with shared sacrifice for our children's sake.  He says what the governors don't want is to see regions pitted against each other or rural states pitted against urban.

Freudenthal says the agreement reached by President Obama and Congressional Republican leaders on tax cuts is one that was politically expedient, but will be harmful to future generations.

"You know, we understand the politics of compromise. What we don’t understand is - it’s a politics of compromise entirely based on the deferral of addressing the longer-term issue. ”

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