The Wyoming Game and Fish Department's outdoor cameras have never failed to provide an intimate view into the Cowboy State's wildlife.

And they delivered again with footage of a magpie landing on a bighorn ram's back in the Laramie Peak Wildlife Habitat Management Area in southeastern Wyoming.

According to game and fish, the relationship between magpies and bighorn sheep is a match made in nature:

"This bighorn sheep ram knows the black-billed magpie will have its back. The black and white bird often eats ticks off of other animals and its choice in food provides a service to the other animal and yields a quick snack. The relationship is mutually beneficial, which is perhaps why this magpie was able to land on the bighorn sheep’s back and leave without any ram-ifications."

In the video, shared last week, the magpie is seen coming into view before making a graceful landing on the ram's back. For more than a minute, the bird perches on the sheep and eats ticks off its back.

Game and fish shared the video last week. You can watch it below:

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