The Cheyenne boy who saved his sister from a dog attack just got a congratulations from Captain America via Twitter.

the story of Bridger from CheyenneChris Evans
Brandon Davis

As we reported, Newsweek did a story on Bridger's bravery and the 90 stitches he ended up with because he refused to allow an attacking dog to harm his sister.

Gotta love that Chris took the time not only to record this video message, but also send him a Captain America shield of his own. Awesome.

So much to love about this. Love stories of kids like Bridger becoming heroes and celebrities like Chris Evans making sure this kind of selfless act gets the notoriety it deserves.

Chris wasn't the only one to praise Bridger. Actress Anne Hathaway honored him on Instagram, too.

In another amazing development, Tom Holland, the actor that plays Spiderman invited Bridger to the set of his new movie.

Yet another fun update. Now Iron Man (aka Robert Downey Jr).

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