I'll never forget my first look at the mountains of Wyoming.

I was 12 years old and on a road trip to Yellowstone from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. That first glimpse of the Big Horn Mountains eventually led me to attend the University of Wyoming and create a life here.

I didn't become an avid hiker until about six years ago, but now hitting the trails of Wyoming is one of my favorite past times. You can find me almost weekly hiking with friends and family in the warmer weather or strapping on my snowshoes to tackle the trails in the Winter (and Spring).

So I can 100% agree with 6-year-old Bennett when she says, "I want everyone to actually climb a mountain."

A self-proclaimed "mountain climber," Bennett loves to hike. She takes her pack and travels to local trials, where her grandfather, aunt, and uncle accompany her on her adventures.

She has her sites set on the Tetons and then Mount Everest but is happy to stick to the trails and mountains around her home in Rock Springs, Wyoming.

Wyoming PBS recently featured Bennett as part of their Our Wyoming series

Are you as inspired as I am after watching this?

In the video description, Wyoming PBS wrote,

Even though she’s only 6, she has an unwavering ambition to climb the biggest mountains in the world, starting with the ones in her backyard in Wyoming.

I think my favorite part about Bennett is how joyful she is as she climbs up the mountains.

And I think you'll agree...if more people climbed the mountains of Wyoming, they'd find more joyful moments in their lives too.

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