If you'd like to watch someone do the exact right thing when confronted by a big bear, watch this. It's a video that shows a deer hunter who had a massive grizzly mom come right up to his truck.

Before I share how he responded, just look at this huge bear. Even by grizzly standards, this is a very big mom.

Here's what the hunter said about this close encounter of the bear kind:

We were out hunting deer. We left the area out of respect for the grizzly family

I put my favorite part in bold. After seeing this grizzly and her cubs, they left the area. They didn't get out to taunt the bear or try to pet or feed it unlike some who have visited Yellowstone and our many wild areas.

It's especially a good call to get out of where this grizzly and her cubs are this time of year as they're fattening up for hibernation time which isn't far from now. The potential of running into a grizzly that is extra aggressive trying to protect cubs is a definite possibility.

The fact the hunter was in a truck is good, but still not an absolutely safe place. In case you didn't know, bears are great at opening vehicle doors.

Well done by this respectful hunter. More actions like this, please.

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