A Casper man is heading to prison after admitting to shooting and nearly killing another man.

Twenty-six year old Travis Hall was sentenced to 16-to-20 years in prison, after he pleaded guilty to one charge of attempted voluntary manslaughter.

Investigators with the Casper Police Department say in early February 2017, they responded to a residence on the 1700 block of South Washington Street.

There they found Cody Lawson who had been shot in his left arm and chest.

Lawson told investigators he had gone to bed, because he had to get up early and go to work.

His roommate and Hall showed up and started playing loud music.

A short time later, Lawson shoved Hall out the door, locked it behind him and went back to sleep.

He then heard a loud crash that sounded like glass breaking.

Lawson reportedly opened the front door and was shot while standing in the doorway.

Police later found Hall who had a gun on him at the time.

Hall told police he was at the house when Lawson told him he wanted to fight and to kill Hall, so Hall guessed he was going to shoot him.

Hall added it seemed fair to him.

A breath sample showed that Hall had a blood alcohol content of .20 at the time.

In a second interview Hall said he felt threatened by Lawson, after Lawson asked him to leave, adding that he shot at Lawson as he stood in the doorway.

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