Annual aircraft rescue firefighting training sessions are underway at the Casper-Natrona County International Airport.

During each session, area residents may notice columns of heavy black smoke coming from the airport. Januska says the burns are required by the Federal Aviation Administration and there's no immediate threat to public safety or airport operations.

“We have a regional facility, and about eight times per year we have burns going on, so, if somebody sees smoke coming from the airport, there’s probably a pretty good chance that it’s one of the regional training burns going on,” Januska said.

Casper’s regional facility draws firefighters from throughout the west. Januska says the airport has already hosted three burns this spring and more are planned through the summer.

“I think the next burn we’re doing is on June 27 – we usually, most of the time, do the burns on Fridays, so the next one should be on the 27th of this month,” Januska said.

The airport will conduct its final training session in September.