A Dangerous and inappropriate choice of heat source leaves a pet dead and a building damaged. Ktwo Radio's,  Karen Snyder,  has details...

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Casper Fire/EMS reports the call out to a fire in a mechanical shop on the 1500 block of Burlington Avenue came around 6pm. Fire Investigator, Patrick McJunkin says Firefighters were able to knock the fire down quickly.  "Unfortunately during the course of the fire there were a couple of dogs in side the building that were rescued.  One of them subsequently died."

McJunkin says the dog was overcome by heat and smoke caused by a toaster oven that was being used as a heating device. The oven was too close to combustibles that ignited. McJunkin says this kind of fire event is not unusual when the temperatures drop this low.  " So that's an important thing for people to remember, that when your trying to provide heat for a room,  there are certain appliances that were just not designed for that; ovens, toasters things like that."

He reminds everybody that if you do use a space heater make sure it is a UL listed design and keep that space heater a safe distance from all combustibles.  No humans were injured in this fire and McJunkin says no damage estimate was available.

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