Spooky Season is in full effect and Keyhole Peepshow and The Bourgeois Pig are teaming up to offer Casper  a full weekend of sexy, saucy, salacious villainy in the form of 'Hollywood Horror.'

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On both Friday and Saturday night, Keyhole Peepshow is putting on show guaranteed to thrill you, chill you, and fulfill you. It will feature burlesque, opera, belly dancing, drag, and so much more, showcasing all of your favorite horror movie villains.

Freddy, Jason, Chucky, Michael, Dr. Frank and so many more bad guys (and girls) will be on hand to usher in the best holiday of the year - Halloween.

"We chose the [Hollywood Horror] theme because Halloween is the company's favorite holiday," said Fathom Swanson, owner and producer of Keyhole Peepshow. "We all are huge horror movie fans, so it kind of came naturally. And in classic horror movies, the villains are always more fun to cheer for."

It is more fun to root for the bad guys, which is why Freddy, Jason & co. have about 30 sequels between them. Villains are bad, but they're also so, so good.

The same can be said about the Keyhole guys and gals. For many years, Keyhole Peepshow has provided Casper and beyond a night of sultry, sassy, scandalous entertainment. It has also given artists the chance to come out of their shell and show the world their talents (and various body parts).

"Keyhole is known as the rag-tag saloon girls of the wild west," Swanson stated. "We are the only company in the entire state doing what we do. We try to make each event new and unique, leaving you with something to talk about all month. We try our best to give all who attend the energy of a rock concert, but the vibes of a secret speakeasy that makes you feel like the coolest, classiest person in town."

Keyhole has performed all across Wyoming and beyond, bringing humor, singing, dancing, and so much more to various stages in the west. One of the newest stages to welcome Keyhole has been The Bourgeois Pig, a downtown Casper coffee shop with a taste for the theatrical.

Josh Tinnell, the owner of the Bougee Pig is all about showcasing art in his shop, via paintings, photography, and stage shows.

"The partnership with The Pig came about with Casper PRIDE," Swanson said. "Keyhole was hosting an after-party for Pride and we were trying to think of a cool place downtown. A lot of our meetings happen at The Pig already, so after one of my meetings I spoke with the owner and he was totally game. I wanted to give business and support to a local downtown business that supports the art, and The Bourgeois Pig does that. It does a lot of really cool things for Casper."

Hollywood Horror is a two-night event, and each show will be different. It will feature a very special guest from Colorado who will perform belly dancing and burlesque. On Friday, doors open at 9pm and the show begins at 10pm. On Saturday, doors open at 7pm and the show begins at 8pm. Cover charge is $5 and, as always, tips are appreciated but not mandatory.

So lock your doors and bolt your windows, boys and girls. There's something frightful in the air in downtown Casper this weekend. A door between this world and the next has appeared at The Bourgeois Pig. There's something sinister, just beyond that door. All you have to do is look through the keyhole.

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