This Friday evening an opening at the Nicolaysen will kick off summer exhibitions featuring two regional women artists.

Nicolaysen Curator, Lisa Hatchadoorian says Tracy Linder, out of Montana and Abby Miller, of Wyoming, work in Sculpture, but with somewhat divergent themes of agriculture and geology.

"They are very much related to the body and space. They are large, somewhat. Tracy's work can get up to six to eight feet high. Some of her work is small. And the same with Abby, she works both big and small."

Hatchadoorian says the sculptures are composed of a range of materials; Linder using found animal, human, and plant objects mixed with resins and beeswax, while Miller incorporates elements of textile.

The opening for the two shows, one entitled 'Zipped', and the other, 'The Obligation to Endure", takes place Friday, May 25th.

A members preview starts at 6 p.m. with artist talks.  The public reception begins at 7 with hors d’oeuvres and a cash bar.