Some veterans took the time to tell area students some of their experiences of serving.

Reverend Doctor Leonard Robinson was the guest of honor at a school ceremony on Veterans Day at Centennial Junior High School in Casper.

He is a survivor of the Bataan Death March in the Philippines during World War II, and says he shares his stories not to scare anyone, but rather to give listeners an idea on how tough it can be sometimes to serve.

"I hope it helps them, that when they're in the military, what they might face, and realize that, people have gone through it before and that they're not being picked on, but that the others going through the very same thing, and that the military is not all glory."

Eighth grader Abi Schoup says she has a new sense of appreciation for veterans.

"We've learned about that kind of stuff in school, but you don't really know what those people really go through, so hearing that from first hand knowledge and seeing that from his point of view, it gives a whole different view on that. It's dumbfounding, how he went through that, he survived that, I mean it's amazing."

Robinson ended up being a prisoner of war for about three years.