Three incumbents running for state house, including a high ranking member, did not survive in the primaries..and two other races will probably have to have a recount.

For awhile, it looked like a recount was going to be needed in the republican primary for house District 58 in Natrona County.

But when late absentee votes were added in, Pat Sweeney narrowly defeated incumbent Tom Reeder by 13 votes...and barely avoided the mandatory recount, which is required by law, if the margin of victory is less than 1%.

Reeder could still ask for a recount, but he would have to pay for it out of his own pocket.

Elsewhere in Natrona County, incumbent Steve Harshman easily won the Republican nomination in House District 37.

Jerry Obermueller is the Republican candidate in House District 56, while Chuck Gray the same in House District 57.

Meanwhile a recount will be needed for Republicans in Senate District 6, which includes portions of Laramie and Goshen county and House District 41 out of Laramie County.

Besides Green, 2 other Republican incumbents did not win their parties' nomination in the primary election.

Those 2 are Sam Crone out of House District 24 in Park County, who is under indictment for misappropriating funds...and Rosie Berger in House District 51 in Sheridan County.

She was the House Majority Floor Leader in the past 2 legislative sessions.