Test results are in and for 15 public places in Natrona County that allow smoking the indoor air quality is very unhealthy. Testing indicates particle air pollution 45 times higher than outdoors and 56 times higher than a indoor smoke-free locations.

"This was actually an air quality monitoring study that we did with Roswell Park Cancer Institute. And really the only role that Smoke Free Natrona County had was in collecting the results and that was all very scientifically done."

Rachel Bailey, Campaign Manager for Smoke Free Natrona County, says they released the results Thursday to demonstrate just how unhealthy the air quality is in our local bars and restaurants. Bailey says the campaign has been going on for about 10 years and here in the Natrona County they have a broad range of support. She says state wide there are five smoke free communities, Laramie, Cheyenne, Evanston, Mountain view and Burlington and she says nationally there are 29 states with strong indoor smoke free laws.

"When I say 'strong smoke free air laws' that means that they are comprehensive and that they include all places of work including restaurants and bars. There have been about 35 states that have passed some sort of smoke free laws."

Bailey says they hope the study, in combination with the Natrona County Board of Health's resolution in support, will encourage local elected officials to consider taking actions to protect the health of folks in their communities.

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