Smoke Free Natrona County

Petition For Referendum On Smoke Free Ordinance Falls Short
A referendum on the city of Casper's recently created public indoor smoking ban won't happen.
"We're very disappointed. We're disappointed for the community in that the community doesn't get to vote on their feelings."
Casper Businessman, Pat Sweeney, was the driving force behind the petitio…
Smoke Free Natrona County Confident Ordinance Will Stand
Smoke Free Natrona County, the coalition of individuals and businesses who supported the development of an indoor public smoking ban for the city of Casper, are confident the ordinance, if brought to a vote of the people, will stand.
An opposition group is gathering signatures calling for a referendu…
Smoke-Free Draft Ordinance On Its Way, Debate To Follow
Casper's Mayor says new data and growing recognition of the dangers of second hand cigarette smoke are part of what's driving the smoke-free conversation forward.
Mayor Kenyne Schlager says the decision to draw up a draft ordinance for the city of Casper will likely lead to public debate...
Smoking Indoors, Very Unhealthy
Test results are in and for 15 public places in Natrona County that allow smoking the indoor air quality is very unhealthy. Testing indicates particle air pollution 45 times higher than outdoors and 56 times higher than a indoor smoke-free locations.