Joy Greenwald, Townsquare Media

Cheyenne-based Sierra Trading Post will open a new retail store in Colorado Springs on October 15.

"We like the idea of opening a store in the Springs because as catalog retailers we have great insight into where people already are shopping with us," said Juliette Rule, Social Media, Marketing and Public Relations Manager for Sierra Trading Post. "We knew that we were a known quantity there and the response so far since we just announced the grand opening has really been phenomenal. So we feel like that's a really great mix and we are convinced it's going to be a fantastic opportunity for us."

The Colorado Springs store will be the seventh Sierra Trading Post retail store. The company opened stores in South Denver and Fort Collins last year and also has stores in Cheyenne, Cody, Boise and Reno.

"You do benefit as a brand from being somewhat local," said Rule. "When we ship orders into Colorado, a lot of times people get them like the next day, so we have a really strong standing with folks there who've already had a really great experience with us which of course just Velcros their loyalty."

Sierra Trading Post, which is Wyoming's largest internet retailer, was purchased by TJX Companies Inc. in December 2012. Rule couldn't say where they are planning on expanding in the future, but says the company does have plans to continue adding more retail stores throughout the country.