The Sweetwater County Sheriff's Office is looking for two fugitives. Anyone who sees either of the men is asked to contact law enforcement.

Names of fugitives:

"Their names are Floyd J. Booth, 41, and 25-year-old Benjamin Arthur Church. They're wanted on a variety of drug, alcohol, assault, obtaining property by false pretenses, traffic, and failure to appear offenses."

Sheriff's Detective Dick Blust describes the wanted men as well as released their photos to the media.

Description of fugitives:

"Booth is about 5'5" in height, weight about 150 pounds, he has brown hair and green eyes. Church has brown hair and hazel eyes, weighs about 160 pounds, he's 5'9" tall. And in addition, Church has a distinctive choker tattoo."

Det. Blust said Sweetwater County Sheriff Rich Haskell wanted to do more than just execute warrants for fugitives so they came up with a program.

Most wanted program:

"Well this is a program we started up not too long ago. Like any sheriff's office we have X-number of active arrest warrants, wanted persons, so we've initiated a program that we're calling Sweetwater County's Most Wanted. So far, the program's been very successful. We've recently netted two other fugitives: Vance Norman, who was a child abuse suspect, he was captured in Idaho, and Kenneth Craig, he was wanted for arson,and he was captured in Craig, Colorado."

Blust also said if someone should spot either man, call law enforcement, and please don't do anything else, just call and let the authorities take it from there.

Calls handled with discretion:

"We're asking that anyone with information about either man's whereabouts to call Sweetwater County Sheriff's Office or other law enforcement agency. Calls will be handled with discretion."

The number for the Sweetwater County Sheriff's office is 307-872-3870.