Senator John Barrasso recently took to social media to announce that he and 17 other Senate members will be traveling to the border on Thursday, in an effort to speak with Border Patrol agents “about what they’re up against.”

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“Eighteen of us will be heading to the border tomorrow,” Barrasso stated. “We’re going to thank the Border Patrol Agents for what they’re doing on a daily basis, and to hear from them what they are up against in their fight. We’re going to then spread out and do a midnight patrol with border agents along the border of Mexico and Texas.”

Barrasso continued, stating that he and his colleagues are “going to examine the areas where the wall construction has stopped.”

Barrasso also said that he and his colleagues are going to go to a processing facility and other various locations to see what is going on in these locations.

Barrasso said that they have invited the press to join them on this trip, “because we think it’s important for them to be able to film and observe and report to American what is happening there, as a result of the crisis.”

“The Biden Administration says ‘no.’” Barrasso claimed. “’ No, the press can’t attend and no the American cannot see for themselves the crisis that the Biden policies have created.’”

Barrasso emphasized that “This is a crisis.”

He focused the blame for the border crisis on the Biden Administration.

“It is part of an agenda; an amnesty agenda that started the day that President Biden took office,” Barrasso said.  “He turned on the green light and said ‘Come to America.’ He stopped construction of the wall. He stopped deportations. He stopped the very successful ‘Remain in Mexico’ program that worked so well. And that is why we are, right now, on a track to have 2 million illegal immigrants come to this country this year.”

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