Senator John Barrasso recently spoke on the U.S. Senate Floor, extolling what he believed Republicans have done for the economic recovery of the country, while also once again denouncing the "wasteful spending" by congressional Democrats.

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"Our economy is recovering," the Wyoming representative stated. "We are actually on our way back to normal. In early February, the congressional budget office published a report on this. The report says that our economy will reach the same size it was before the pandemic, and it will do it in just a few months. It says this summer, our economy will be back to normal."

Barrasso continued, noting that the CBO made that projections "weeks before the Democrats passed, and the President signed into law, a $1.9 trillion wishlist."

The bill that passed just two weeks ago sent a third round of stimulus checks to most Americans, and offered millions of dollars in aid to local and state government, as well as small businesses.

"In other words," Barrasso said, "our economy would be back to normal, even had they never passed the bill. We'd be back to normal without a dime of this incredible high amount of spending. We didn't need the Liberal wish list. The country didn't need it. Yet, it's obvious why Democrats rushed their Liberal wish list into law. They wanted to stamp their name on the recovery that was coming no matter what."

Then, Barrasso got to the meat of his presentation.

“The truth is clear: this is not President Biden’s recovery,” he said. “President Biden inherited three vaccines. President Biden inherited 2 million tests a day for coronavirus. President Biden inherited falling coronavirus numbers. He also inherited a recovering economy.”

Barrasso stated that Republicans are the ones who began the recovery of the economy, specifically President Trump's economic programs.

“This was in large part because of the foundation laid by Republicans before the pandemic with President Trump’s economic programs in the White House,” he said. “Republicans cut taxes on the middle class, on job creators. We cut regulations and we cut government red tape. We made a better trade deal with our neighbors. Our agenda worked.”

No matter who wants to take credit for the economic recovery, the important thing, to most Americans, is being able to go back to work, to feed their families, and to not live in constant worry about how they are going to pay this month's bills. Both Republicans and Democrats, as well as both Presidents Trump and Biden, made that possible, at least for the time being.

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