Many school students gave their thanks to US war veterans, and things have come full circle for one veteran in particular.

Army Corporal Colton Sasser is an alumnus of Centennial Junior High School in Casper, and was the guest speaker at a Veterans Day assembly.

He says during his school days, he went to similar events and this time around, the shoe was on the other foot

He adds that he understood the importance of the day, because of other family members, that have served in the armed forces.

"My dad was a Vietman vet, my grandfather was World War II, and my brother was a Marine, and a lot of people that I looked up to served, so I knew the importance of it. I think Veterans Day, and I hope for most of the kids, it's something that they actually do respect."

Tyler Whitley of Centennial Junior High says war veterans need to be recognized, because some made the ultimate sacrifice, and are owed a debt of gratitude that may never be repaid in full.

"I think the lesson to be learned is to appreciate them, because they've done so much for you, and you just need to appreciate them, thank them, because you never can repay them unless you join the army and help out our nation."

Corporal Sasser served in the War In Afghanistan, back in 2011 and 2012.