Four people have been arrested for illegally entering a building and using drugs while they were there.

Twenty-three year old Austin Hallock has pleaded not guilty to one charge of criminal entry and five charges of possession of a controlled substance.

Meanwhile, 23-year old Austin Hallock and 36-year old Ira Goff have each pleaded not guilty to one charge of criminal entry, while 21-year old Ashton Adsem was arrested for malicious mischief.

Investigators with the Casper Police Department say just before 4am Tuesday, March 31st, officers were in the 300 block of South Ash Street when they saw a suspicious person outside one the buildings.

That person said his friend was inside so police did a protective sweep of the building.

Officers found the four, along with various drugs inside.

All of the accused said they had permission to be there, but when police contacted the owner, that was apparently not the case, and the four were taken into custody.