With the spring burning season just around the corner, the National Weather Service in Riverton is urging caution from Wyoming farmers and ranchers.

“We see a lot of people head out to start doing some of their agriculture burns around their property, and the idea behind our spring burning campaign is just to encourage people to give a phone call and find out what the weather conditions – especially speed and direction – will be like,” National Weather Service meteorologist Chris Jones said on Thursday.

Jones says, despite the recent moist winter, fire danger can always dramatically increase in Wyoming.

“We’ve been wet, but it, often times, doesn’t take much to dry out what we call fine fuels – the grasses, weeds and other things,” Jones said. “If we can get a stretch of time like that, those conditions can lead to some rapid-fire growth."

Jones also urges additional caution from farmers and ranchers that plan to burn near roadways.

Farmers and ranchers can reach NWS by calling (307) 857-3898.