The Wyoming Game and Fish Department alerts applicants of some changes specific to wild bison. Spokesman Al Langston says starting this year, applicants are required to submit the full license fee at the time of application.

In past years bison applicants were drawn for position on a priority list and did not pay for the license until notified. The application deadline is Feb. 28, along with moose, bighorn sheep and mountain goat. Tentative draw results for wild bison licenses is May 9.

Langston says there are other changes as well, due to a change in state law. For example starting with the upcoming 2014-2015 season any hunter who is issued an any wild bison license and harvests a bull, will not be eligible to apply for or receive that same license in the future. Those hunters would be eligible, though, to apply for and receive a female/calf wild bison license the following year. For the complete list click here.

All 2014 hunting license applications are required to be submitted online via the Department’s website. Applicants are reminded to make sure to correctly enter your mailing address in order to receive your license or refund.