Some Wyoming lawmakers want to add an amendment to the state's Constitution protecting people's right to hunt. The Casper Star-Tribune reports that two newly elected senators, Larry Hicks of Baggs and Ogden Driskill of Devils Tower, and a new state representative, Kendell Kroeker of Evansville, plan sponsor the measure in the new legislative session.

Rep.-Elect Kroeker says they're not responding to any particular threat, but they want to be proactive to secure the right to hunt in Wyoming. He also adds that, ultimately, the Wyoming people would decide whether it was important enough to change the Constitution.

Proactive amendment:

"I would say protecting our rights can never be excessive for one, but also it's not something that we can change in the Legislature. If it passes the Legislature, it'll go on the ballot and the the people of Wyoming will get to decide, so I would say it's really leaving the decision up to the people of Wyoming and letting them decide if it's excessive or if it's needed."

When asked how the whole idea got going, Kroeker said it was during a training session for new legislators that the topic was passed around.

Legislative genesis:

"Sen.-Elect Hicks had mentioned the bill to somebody and I overheard him and said, hey, that's something I would be interested in co-sponsoring with you, so actually right there, that day, he gave me the sheet to become a co-sponsor."

In November, similar measures were approved by voters in three states--Arkansas, South Carolina and Tennessee. Arizona voters rejected such an amendment.

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