BUFORD PHINDELI TOWN, Wyo. (AP) — Vietnamese coffee is the new flavor of a remote outpost along Interstate 80 in southeastern Wyoming.

The new owner of Buford, now known as Buford PhinDeli Town, passed out free samples of Vietnamese coffee at a grand re-opening event Tuesday.

Buford always has been known to people in Wyoming as a remote gas station and convenience store between Cheyenne and Laramie. The place was named 147 years ago for a Civil War hero.

Last year, the sole inhabitant and owner of Buford put it up for auction. A Vietnamese businessman submitted the winning bid of $900,000.

The new owner plans to use Buford PhinDeli Town to market a new brand of Vietnamese coffee, PhinDeli Fine Coffee, to travelers on I-80. He says he hopes to take the brand nationwide.