Changes may soon be coming to the Natrona County School District’s tobacco use policy.

An amended policy was presented to trustees Monday night that would disallow the use of electronic cigarettes and vapor devices in district buildings, on school grounds and within district-owned vehicles and district-operated buses.

The policy, as it’s currently written, only prohibits traditional tobacco product use.

District trustee Audrey Cotherman says the revisions are needed to keep students healthy and safe.

“Many of (those products) have nicotine in them,” Cotherman said. “Secondly, there is some research that suggests that they do lead, for young people, to smoking real cigarettes.”

Cotherman says the proposed amendments to the policy would also extend to district employees and educators.

The district’s tobacco use policy was first adopted in 1988.

Cotherman says the board will vote on the amended policy at a meeting scheduled for Oct. 14.