A formal education teaches critical thinking and introduces a broad world view through the arts, sciences and humanities.

But neither the Pythagorean theorem nor the finer points of the U.S. Constitution provide much help when balancing a checkbook, protecting yourself from identity theft, or gauging the pros and cons of a health insurance policy.

So the Natrona County Public Library, 307 E. Second St., will offer programs for facing what's known as "the real world," Adult Services Specialist Adi Rodriquez said in a prepared statement.

'That’s why we created this series of presentations," Rodriquez said. "We want all of the grown-ups (and soon-to-be grown-ups) in our community to excel at ‘adulting.'"

For the next four months, the library -- in partnership with community organizations and businesses -- presents “Things You Wish They Taught in School” for teens and adults to fill in some of the educational gaps.

In February, the online Zoom presentations begin at 5 p.m. Tuesdays with representatives from Hilltop National Bank giving pointers about basic financial planning.

On Feb. 9, Nick Linford and Justine Fourman will present “Knowing Your Score” to teach the importance of paying attention to one’s credit score.

On Feb. 16, John Johnson and Demetra Kidd will present “Protecting Your Identity,” with warnings about the dangers of identity theft.

On Feb. 23, Tara Bigalke and Mike Ramich will present “Budgeting in the Real World.”

In March, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wyoming representatives will discuss health and health insurance.

In April, representatives from the Wyoming Housing Authority will offer presentations on housing, mortgages, and real estate.

In May, representatives from Casper College will present sessions to prepare and succeed in higher education.

In June, the final presentations will address the importance of self-care and setting priorities for one’s mental health.

Participants may attend one or all of the presentations. There is no need to attend the first one in order to attend subsequent presentations.

The library will record the sessions and have them available on its YouTube page for one week after the initial presentation.

It also hopes to offer later presentations in person with simultaneous Zoom streaming for the health and safety of patrons, staff, and presenters.

For more information, call the library at 577-7323 or visit its website.

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