The National Weather Service is urging Wyoming residents to properly prepare themselves for colder weather and snow over the next several months.

Chris Jones is the warning coordination meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Riverton. He says it’s essential to keep a well-stocked emergency preparedness kit in your home and vehicle.

"The basic things are going to be extra blankets, sleeping bags, dry clothes, a change of clothes that you can use to stay warm should you get wet, also non-perishable high-calorie foods and bottle water," Jones said.

Jones also recommends constant contact with friends and loved ones through social media and communication devices. He also says it’s critical to check road conditions before leaving home.

Looking toward this winter, Jones says National Weather Service meteorologists don’t quite know what to expect yet.

"We're trending toward a climatologically normal winter - basically, an equal chance of warmer, cooler or equal temperatures," Jones said. "There does appear to be a better chance of some precipitation through mid-winter that might be above normal up in the northwest corner of the state."

Oct. 2 is the National Weather Service’s Winter Weather Awareness Day.

Winter weather tips:
-          The National Weather Service says it’s always best to build preparedness kits for your home, workplace and vehicle. Kits should be stocked with water, non-perishable food, blankets, essential medication, flashlights and matches.
-          Vehicles should be winterized in advance of the winter season.
-          Travelers should check road and weather conditions before leaving home.
-          In the Casper area, listen to 1030 KTWO-AM for school closures and winter weather updates.

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