A man is arrested for terrorizing several downtown businesses in his underwear.

Shortly after seven P.M. on Tuesday, Casper Police responded to multiple reports of a man harassing employees of several downtown businesses.

The first call came from the America Theater where the clerk reported that a black male foaming at the mouth and wearing only his underwear, entered the building and asked to use a phone to call 911.

A short time later, a second call came from the Rialto Theater where a female employee stated that the suspect demanded that she call the police. The employee reported that the suspect then swung his hand at a flat screen monitor knocking it to the floor and attempted to follow her as she locked herself in an office.

At seven-eleven P.M., Casper Police responded to a third call from the Natrona County Public Library where they located thirty-one-year-old Kazel Wallace, sitting in a chair behind the employee desk station holding an upside-down phone to his ear.

According to affidavit, when police asked to speak with him, he became combative and attempted to flee. After several commands to stop, Wallace was successfully apprehended with the help of a taser and three officers.

Police reports indicated that Wallace was on meth and after a stop at the Wyoming Medical Center, he was transported to the Natrona County Detention Center with charges of under the influence of a controlled substance, property damage, and breach of peace.

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