Suicide statistics for the military are sobering. The Associated Press reports that, so far this year, more soldiers have died by their own hand than in combat in Afghanistan.

New techniques for working with soldiers are being offered now, that, according to Wyoming National Guard Public Affairs Officer, Lt. Col. Samuel House, are designed to give soldiers and their families new tools to deal with adversity and combat stress.

It's called "Resiliency Training" and House says the Wyoming Guard is working to train the trainers and bring it here to Wyoming.

"We need to look closer at our troops. We need to do a better job of seeing what are the issues that are affecting our troops. And I think that's a leadership issue. The goal here is that we start looking at our soldiers with more compassion."

House says the numbers include soldiers returning to civilian life, but also a large number who've never deployed. He says the figures are mind-boggling to senior leadership.

Resiliency training includes scenario based group work as well as personal counseling and will, according to House, be required of all soldiers in the hopes of creating an army that's as emotionally fit as it is physically fit.

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