A Natrona County woman has admitted that she was taking money out of the purse of a co-worker at the Natrona County District Attorney's Office.

Melanie Dunn was given a 90 day suspended jail sentence with six months of unsupervised probation, after she pleaded guilty to one charge of petty theft.

Agents with the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation say from October thru December 2015, the victim Nancy Johnson, who is the director of the Victim Witness Unit within the Natrona County District Attorney's Office, told them someone had been taking money out of her purse during business hours.

When notified, agents set up a motion activated camera in her office and photographed some money that they gave her, to put in her purse as bait.

Only those bills were in her purse.

Upon reviewing the pictures from the camera, four people were spotted in Johnson's office, with Dunn being one of those four.

Johnson was able to explain why the other three were in her office, but had no explanation for Dunn.

When interviewed, Dunn admitted to taking the money and agents found some of the money that they had planted in Johnson's purse (They photographed the serial numbers on the bills beforehand).

Dunn has also been ordered to pay $990 in fines, which includes $400 in restitution.

Natrona County District Attorney Mike Blonigen says Dunn is no longer employed at the DA's Office.