A Casper man already serving time for causing damage at a bentonite mine, has been given his punishment in a separate case, where he admitted that he stole an ATV from the Naval Reserve Oil Field near Midwest.

Mark Faulcon was sentenced to four-to-six years in prison, and was given a boot camp recommendation, after he pleaded guilty to one charge of burglary.

Investigators with the Natrona County Sheriff's Office say in early December 2015, Faulcon along with a friend drove to the oil field, and Faulcon used his employee issued gate access code to gain access.

They cut off a lock from a shed on the field, and took the ATV.

The ATV was later found in a shed on the 2900 block of East 4th Street in Casper, and Faulcon lived in a residence on that property

investigators knew it was the one they were looking for based on the vehicle identification number.

When interviewed, Faulcon said he and his friend had entered the shed at the Oil Field to take some tools for personal use, but when they didn’t find what they were look for, they took the ATV instead, even though it didn’t work.

If he completes the boot camp program, the court could call him back for a sentence review.