A man was arrested for attempted burglary Sunday after allegedly trying to break into vehicles in the parking lot of a Casper apartment building.

Colby Cole Thomas, 41, was booked on an attempted burglary charge. He could face up to 10 years in prison and have to pay a $10,000 fine if formally charged and convicted.

Court documents say Natrona County Sheriff's deputies were sent to the area of an apartment building on West BC Street for a report of a man trying to open vehicle doors.

The man allegedly ran off when confronted. The person who called authorities gave a description of the suspicious man.

Some fifteen minutes later, a Casper police officer working an unrelated call in the area of North Center Street and West B Street saw Thomas, who matched the description of the man who tried opening car doors.

When Thomas saw the officer, he allegedly tried to duck between buildings and then started quickly walking southbound. As the officer turned his patrol car around, Thomas allegedly threw a red backpack to the ground and raised his hands.

Thomas reportedly told the officer he was walking from his house. When the officer asked why he tried to duck into the alley, Thomas allegedly said he was going to be arrested "for whatever trumped up bull."

According to the affidavit, Thomas told authorities he was not trying to "break into" the vehicles at the apartment complex, but rather was trying to "set off car alarms" because he was "trying to cause mayhem."

Police note that several vehicles in the row in question were older and would not have car alarms.

Thomas reportedly said he ran when confronted in the parking lot because he was on parole for burglary -- specifically, "breaking into the mall," -- and didn't want to get into trouble.

An officer saw Thomas' extremities moving uncontrollably and his teeth chattering. The officer asked when Thomas last used methamphetamine, and Thomas allegedly said he would not pass a drug test.

The man who reported Thomas to authorities told officers that he was watching television when he saw Thomas walking through the parking lot, trying to open several vehicles.

When the man ran outside to confront Thomas, Thomas allegedly ran toward North Center Street.

According to court documents, the man told authorities that the apartment complex has had numerous problems with auto burglaries.

The man reportedly picked Thomas out of a photo lineup.

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