Clean up efforts continue in the East-Central Wyoming town of Lusk and on highways in Niobrara County.

Eighteen year old Derick VandeBossche of Lusk says he and his family lucked out, because they live just south of downtown Lusk, which got hit by a flood last week.

US Highways 18 and 85, which is the main north-south road, is closed at the railroad overpass north of downtown Lusk, because the bridge was heavily damage by flood waters.

VandeBossche says that's not the only area that got hit.

"Everything north of that, just got demolished, it's kind of just a graveyard now. Houses are trashed, houses are moved. We had four cars move from Manville, Wyoming, which is nine miles west and came all the way to Lusk. It was just phenomenal and in some places there was 12 feet of water, and downtown got hit pretty hard."

A 30 mile stretch of US Highways 18-and-85 from that bridge, north to the intersection with Wyoming State Highway 270 remains closed.

The Wyoming Department of Transportation has no estimate on when that highway will reopen.

Update 5:15pm: US Highway 18-20 between I-25 and Manville is now open!

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