Are you wanting to make $80,000 a year? In the Williston, North Dakota area they are looking for over 500 truck drivers and they are paying very well. Employers are paying $15-18 an hour working at fast food. And if you are handy with a hammer the construction business is as busy as the oil business. It appears the only downside is the lack of housing, well that and a North Dakota winter, but in an economy where the national unemployment numbers are in excess of 9% there are many who are willing to brave the elements.
Harry Smith on the new Rock Center with Brian Williams visited Williston and talked with some of those affected by the boom happening there.

With over 18,000 job openings across the state, there is a lot of opportunity.With the tremendous influx of people there have also been a few problems but that too is creating opportunities for law enforcement and security personel. For a listing of the oilfield jobs in North Dakota, click here. for all other jobs, check here. See the rest of the story from Rock Center here.