Juicing is a hot diet topic touted by celebrities as a way to reset your body, shrink your stomach, and get rid of toxins. Juices squeezed from fresh foods are loaded with vitamins and minerals but what’s missing is the skin and fiber. Fiber slows digestion. So, with no fiber, the quicker the sugars enter your blood stream and bam! a spike in blood sugar. Those spikes aren’t good because your energy drops when the blood sugar falls. Another juicing drawback is that juices don’t include protein or fat. These powerful components help you feel full and sustain your energy longer so you’re able to put your best foot forward.

I’m not a fan of diets that you go “on” and “fall off.”  They don’t support normal eating - what, where, when and how much to eat.

A beet – ginger –cucumber – apple blend may taste delicious but healthy eating is healthy eating, not just drinking.

This is Judy Barbe helping you LiveBest!

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