Is fish on your menu this week? If not, it should be. Fish is a quick dinner solution that’s good for you. Enjoy baked, steamed, or grilled fish a couple of times each week. The fat in fish is the good-for-you unsaturated kind. Seafood and fatty fish—such as wild Alaskan salmon or canned sockeye, anchovies, albacore or skipjack canned tuna, sardines, trout, black cod, and Atlantic and Pacific mackerel—are some of the best sources.

Eating about 8 ounces per week of fish may reduce blood clotting in the arteries and protect them from hardening. It does this by thinning the blood and preventing it from sticking to arterial walls. That in turn may help lower the risk for blocked blood vessels and heart attacks. Your brain is very susceptible to oxidative damage because of its high metabolic load, so feeding those brain cells may be worth thinking about.

Top broiled fish with a mango salsa. Stir together a diced mango, chopped red pepper, jalapeno, and lime juice and spoon over the cooked fish.

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