Snacking makes up about half of our eating occasions. While snacking may keep your blood sugar and energy levels stable, it also can take us way over your calorie limit.

The trick is to snack strategically. Snack when you’re hungry.
Before grabbing a snack consider whether you are truly hungry. Snacking out of habit or boredom isn’t strategic. Make those snacks count.
Snacks are a great way to fill in food gaps, so choose foods such as some grapes and a piece of string cheese, a cup of yogurt with a banana, carrots with bean dip, whole grains crackers with hummus or a handful of walnuts and dried apricots. Eat regular meals.
When you eat regular meals that include vegetables and fruit, grains, and protein you should get enough energy to push you through the day rather than set you up for munching.
 Nibbling throughout the day isn’t strategic. If you’ve gone 4 to 5 hours without eating, it’s probably time for a snack.

This is Judy Barbe, helping you LiveBest.