Think about a peach so ripe that the juice drips down your arm. Now that’s a good piece of fruit. Have you eaten one yet this year? Do it now because it’s peach season. You’ll find the best flavor and the lowest prices. Look for peaches that are free of dents, bruises and cuts but that have a creamy white or yellow background, not a green color. A ripe peach has a slight give when you press it. The skin is pretty nutritious, so if you don’t like the fuzzy peach skin, try a nectarine.

Most adults need 2 cups of fruit per day. That shouldn’t be a hard goal to meet with all the seasonal fruit available now. I usually eat peaches standing over the sink, but I also like to combine chopped peaches, mozzarella cubes, sliced fresh basil with a splash of olive oil. You can also grill pitted peach halves Brush a bit of butter over the cut flesh. Place the flesh side down over medium coals and grill for just a few minutes. Flip the peach so the cavity is up and place a small piece of dark chocolate where the pit used to be.

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