These summer days take a toll on our fluid levels. I’m here to tell ya: Drink water! It helps cool you plus it keeps your energy up and your body moving. Many headaches are the result of mild dehydration. Water’s a good choice because Americans drink about 400 calories every day from soft drinks, cappuccinos, energy drinks, sports and juice drinks. These are extra calories most of us don’t need.

It’s hard to know how much you should be drinking it could be 8-12 glasses per day depending on your activity level. Fruits and vegetables contribute water but aren’t enough. You should drink enough so that urine is clear to pale yellow. If you don’t like plain water, flavor it with lemon, lime, cucumber, strawberries, or fresh mint. If you like bubbles choose unsweetened seltzer water, mineral water, or sodium- free club soda. Take a bottle in the car and keep a cup at your desk. My rule of thumb is water with snacks and milk with meals.

This is Judy Barbe, helping you LiveBest.