If you’re giving in to cravings for chocolate or other snacks, think smaller, take a bite and then go do something else. A Cornell study found that eating smaller portions of foods satisfy a person just as much as a larger portion. In the study, those given larger portions ate 77% more food, about 100 calories more, but they did not feel more full than the group with the smaller portions. The theory is that once you’ve swallowed something there is not much memory of how much you ate; you just remember that mmmm…that tasted good. So take a couple of bites and then leave the area. After 10 minutes you will likely have lost the desire for more – but not if you’re still looking at half the snack.

Next time you are craving a snack, remember that you can feel similarly satisfied with just one handful as you would with two! Learn more at LiveBest.info.

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