Each day, tens of millions of restaurant goers, conference attendees, college students, and school children serve themselves at buffets – many being all-you-can-eat.

Despite all the temptations, there are strategies to help you avoid overeating. Using a smaller plate results in less food on your plate. And food placement can make or break you. On a buffet, the first foods you see are the ones you will most likely choose. More than 75 percent of diners select the first food they see, and the first three foods a person encounters in the buffet makes up 66 percent of all the foods they take. Don’t just follow the crowd, but ‘shop’ the buffet to see what’s available before reaching for the serving spoon. Start at the healthier end of the buffet line.

You can create a win-win at your next party by nudging eaters toward healthier options just by putting the healthier foods first. Learn more at LiveBest.info.

This is Judy Barbe helping you LiveBest!