A Casper man is admitting that he provided some supplies for a meth lab near a school.

Forty-eight year old Kim Thomas has pleaded guilty to one charge of conspiracy to possess a list one controlled substance precursor, to-wit: pseudoephedrine, with intent to engage in a clandestine laboratory operation.

Investigators with the Casper Police Department say in June, officers and special agents with the Wyoming Division Of Criminal Investigation, executed a search warrant on a house on North Center Street.

They found materials similar to a meth lab bust that happened earlier on Spruce Street, near Natrona County High School, as well as a white powder residue.

Thomas's girlfriend told investigators she had also purchased some supplies for Thomas, and knew Thomas had tried to make meth, but was unsuccessful many times.

When questioned, Thomas admitted purchasing meth making materials for both himself and 25-year old Steven Salazar, who was operating the lab on Spruce Street.

Part of the deal was that Thomas would get some meth, in exchange for providing some of the materials.

He is being held on $25,000 bond and will be sentenced at a later date.

Thomas would normally face up to 20 years in prison on the charge that he's facing, but because the meth lab that Salazar was operating was within 500 feet of a school, the maximum penalty is 25 years behind bars.

Meanwhile, Salazar has pleaded not guilty to similar charges connected to the case, and is awaiting trial.