An anti-smoking group says it’s looking for individuals to join its suit against the city of Casper and the city’s clerk.

Keep Casper Smoke Free co-chairperson Kimberly Holloway says her group is contacting the 95 individuals whose signatures they say were wrongly rejected during the city’s initial petition count and are asking them to have their names added to the complaint.

Holloway says her group probably won’t ask all 95 rejected petition signees to testify in court.

“It would probably be easier for everybody involved if we just have kind of a group effort or a write-up that says each of these people have signed on to our complaint and want the court to know that they think they were wrongly disallowed,” Holloway said.

The group fell 61 signatures short of a referendum on changes to Casper’s public indoor smoking ban after city clerk V.H. McDonald rejected nearly 700 signatures in July.

City councilors recently amended the ban to allow smoking in Casper bars, private clubs and healthcare facilities.

Holloway says Keep Casper Smoke Free hopes to get its suit in front of a judge within the next six months. Holloway says those interested in joining the case should contact her directly.

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