A Natrona County man is heading to prison and boot camp after law enforcement says he sexually fondled 2 children.

Back in February, Natrona County Sheriff's Deputies received information from a family member, that then 17-year old Kalub Mayes, had been touching a 13-year old and a 9-year old girl's private areas and that he made at least 1 of the girls touch his private area as well.

The victims were Mayes's step-sisters, and they could not remember when the incidents started happening, but estimate it was anytime during the previous 5 years, because that was when their respective parents started dating.

Mayes admitted to Sheriff's Deputies that he had touched the girls on several occasions, when they lived in Midwest and in Casper and said he was just joking when he did it.

He pled guilty to 2 charges of 2nd degree sexual assault of a minor.

He was sentenced on the first charge to 7-10 years in prison, and ordered to attend boot camp, which could result in a sentence reduction when complete.

On the 2nd charge, he was given a 7-10 year suspended sentence, and 5 years of probation.

Both sentences will be served consecutively.

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