Two Evansville men were arrested last week and each charged in separate cases with one count of second-degree sexual assault of the same girl they met on the social network site, according to court records.

Zachary Hammond, 25, and Kyle Stickley, 20, heard the felony charges against them in Natrona County Circuit Court on Friday.

Circuit Court Judge Brian Christensen set their bonds at $20,000 each.

They will have preliminary hearings within a few weeks to determine whether their cases should be bound over to district court for trial. If convicted, they face between five and 25 years imprisonment.

The case started on early Dec. 20 when a sheriff's deputy was notified that a man was caught with the girl, 14, in a pickup at the Casper Events Center, according to the deputy's affidavits filed with Natrona County Circuit Court.

The deputy spoke to the girl's father, who brought in a computer with her page on the website and her messages and photos.

After being advised of their Miranda rights, Hammond said he first contacted the girl in early December, and Stickley said he first had contact with the girl in mid-November.

Both had picked up the girl at night at her house in Paradise Valley, and both had taken her to their apartments in Evansville.

Both said they had sex with her only one time.

They also said with was not morally acceptable for them to have sex with a girl that young, and they both said that they knew that it was illegal.

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