Just imagine driving down the road with your horse in the trailer behind you.

You pull up to a stop light and, because the wind is in the right direction, you get a whiff of something ripe.

WOW! Somebody needs a bath.

Hold on, right over there, on the other side of the traffic light, is a car wash.

Well, why the hell not?

I mean, it's got everything you need.

A good strong spray of water.

A brush with soap pouring out of it, and you just know he is going to love the feel of that brush.

I'd suggest skipping the hot wax.

Still, a quick stop and bath is just what he needs and you know he'll love it.

If you're thinking this is a novel idea, it's not.

It doesn't just happen in Wyoming.

I've found videos from all over the country.

Why not?

The car wash owner doesn't care.

The horse is loving it.

I guess we just don't often see it, so it seems strange.

In these videos you see people walking their horse into a manual car wash.

Do you think anyone has ever taken a horse through an automated one, you know, with the big brushes?

Maybe the horse would like that too.

Maybe it would freak the horse out.

Let's not try.

Here's one local news station in Massachusetts where some local residents worried about the safety of the horses at the car wash.

The reality is, that the horses don't come to any harm. In fact, they love it!

There is even a video of an Amish man taking his horse and buggy into a car wash.

That's one-stop shopping for that guy.

He can clean his buggy and his horse at the same time.

With horses, it's not just a matter of cleaning them.

They smell better too, and we humans certainly love that.

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